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New regulations/laws concerning Private Healthcare – Article 22   Leave a comment

Are you up-to-date concerning new regulations/laws for your private practice? From 31 January 2018 new compulsory regulations were implemented by the Private Healthcare Information Network (PHIN) as recommended by the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA). The reasoning behind this gives the patient more choice and a better understanding of the whole process. It gives more […]

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Doctors no longer need medical secretaries   Leave a comment

That is, according to a recent article in the BMJ written by Des Spence. Needless to say, the response pages make very interesting  reading. It is easy to see how many doctors obviously realise how difficult their jobs would be without a trusted, loyal and well-trained Medical Secretary. Read for yourself at

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Can email benefit both the doctor and patient?   Leave a comment

With email, patients would probably have more immediate access to the Consultant and/or Secretary and potentially get their problems and concerns dealt with more quickly. Although these points are valid some areas of concern remain. Most patients would probably like being able to use email, being able to report any symptoms or concerns at any […]

Consultants – how to let GP’s know you are there?   Leave a comment

I am sure most of you if not all have heard of Networking. I have attended quite a few of these; mostly run by the Chamber of Commerce and a few others but I have yet to meet any doctors at these events. It got me thinking that if I had difficulty letting the medical […]

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Why social media may not be necessary or worth it for doctors   Leave a comment

Social media in healthcare is currently very popular. Almost every healthcare website advises you that you should be on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and now Pinterest. Yet the only reason given for this is “because they are really popular and everyone is doing it.” Do you need to listen to them though, why do doctors […]

Posted May 9, 2012 by cmm in Blog

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