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Is your Private Practice healthy?

When starting out, the main aim is to minimise costs and that probably applies to every practice or business. As your practice grows you may realise you need extra help with things, as administrative duties are taking up so much more of your time and giving you less time to concentrate on what you do best, seeing and treating patients. Everyone needs a work/life balance.

With a PA/Secretary how much more time would you have? It is hard to juggle both private practice and NHS work. Maybe it’s time to analyse your private practice and decide what is the best way forward.

One way to keep costs down would be to have a Virtual Medical PA/Secretary. This means that you would not have any overhead costs for an office, not to mention holiday or sick pay. Technology would already be set up.  

The benefits:-

  1. More time for you personally and less working hours.
  2. More efficiency.
  3. Someone you can trust, who can be the first contact and deal with any queries and help build your practice.
  4. Available out of hours – if anything urgent needed.

COVID has proved that it is possible to work from home with relative ease.

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Posted June 12, 2020 by cmm in Blog

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