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Consultants – how to let GP’s know you are there?   Leave a comment

I am sure most of you if not all have heard of Networking. I have attended quite a few of these; mostly run by the Chamber of Commerce and a few others but I have yet to meet any doctors at these events. It got me thinking that if I had difficulty letting the medical […]

Posted October 19, 2012 by cmm in Blog

Why social media may not be necessary or worth it for doctors   Leave a comment

Social media in healthcare is currently very popular. Almost every healthcare website advises you that you should be on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and now Pinterest. Yet the only reason given for this is “because they are really popular and everyone is doing it.” Do you need to listen to them though, why do doctors […]

Posted May 9, 2012 by cmm in Blog

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Digitial dictation vs audio dictation – have you switched yet?   4 comments

Unlike the change over to digital TV, you do have a choice whether to convert to digital dictation. However, check out the benefits to help you decide:- Advantages:- Digital offers higher quality voice recording and optimum playback through professional .dss standard. Excellent sound quality means less opportunity for errors. There is no degradation over time […]

Posted April 15, 2012 by cmm in Blog

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Social Media and Healthcare – how it can work for you   Leave a comment

Interesting article I found about Social Media and Healthcare. Maybe worth a look for those of you thinking about getting started with social media and your practice? 5 ways to make social media work for doctors and their patients There’s no question that social media is taking root in the healthcare field, and will only […]

Posted March 15, 2012 by cmm in Blog

Mentoring during Medical Training   Leave a comment

The value of a mentor during medical training by Michael A. Zadeh, MD I grew up playing a variety of different organized sports. Looking back now, I notice that no matter what the sport my best performances were always on teams which were led by inspiring coaches. The same could be said about my education, […]

Posted February 20, 2012 by cmm in Blog

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