I first met Cathy eleven years ago when my PA arranged holiday cover. Over the years we have had several temps but Cathy surpasses all of them. She has worked in many specialties and has a vast experience in both the medical secretarial role and medical terminology. This is highly evident during her work and she is able to prioritize and adapt easily to the role. Her flexibility and attention to detail is outstanding and she is a great asset to anyone she works with. Her manner is always pleasant and amiable and I can recommend her without any hesitation.                                                                          Professor Meirion Thomas, Consultant Surgical Oncologist
 Cathy has provided an excellent medical secretarial service. Using a combination of mobile phones and the latest computerized technology we have had an excellent service which has satisfied both the patients and myself alike. This service provides all the benefits of a secretary without the overheads associated with expensive office space in London. Cathy comes highly recommended.  Mr John H Scurr, Consultant Vascular Surgeon.
I have known Cathy in a working capacity since 1994 and during that time she has proved to be a very efficient, organised and very capable Medical Secretary/PA. She can prioritize and can understand the urgency of the situation and take appropriate action. She is flexible and adapts to the needs of the Consultant/department and has a proven track record. Her loyalty is outstanding and she is an invaluable resource to anyone she works with. She is extremely good at what she does.
Dr Kenneth Rhodes, Consultant Physician in Medicine for the Elderly (former Clinical Director)
I have worked with Cathy for over ten years now. She is very punctual in collecting tapes and typing up letters which are all sent out in time. Cathy is always pleasant with patients and communicates quickly on important and urgent issues. She has helped set-up an internet based clinic appointments system accessible to both of us, which has made life much easier. I would personally recommend her as a medical secretary. Dr Saad Rassam, Consultant Haematologist & Haemato-Oncologist (President of North Kent Medical Society)
I have been very impressed with Cathy’s professional attitude and her dealing with administrative queries.  Dictated letters are returned very quickly, which is of immense help. Cathy is very polite and has a good rapport with patients. Mr Haitham Hamoda, Consultant Gynaecologist, Subspecialist in Reproductive Medicine & Surgery 
Cathy started working for me in October 2006 on a temporary basis both within the NHS and the private sector. She provides an excellent secretarial/PA service and is entirely dependable. She has incalculable experience of the medical secretarial role and is very perceptive of the needs of the Consultant and patients alike. I would add that my permanent secretary also speaks very highly of the immeasurable support that Cathy provides in her absence.
Dr Howard Curtis, Consultant Gastroenterologist/Assistant Medical Director
Cathy has covered when my secretary is on leave and she is a superb secretary. Her typing is fast and always accurate and she has an excellent knowledge of medical terminology. She is very organised, good at setting priorities and is adaptable in covering a wide range of medical specialties. I have no hesitation in recommending her.
Dr Charles Shee, Consultant Respiratory Physician
Cathy has covered my holiday leave and she is a very good, reliable and well-organised. On my return I found my desk clear and work completely up-to-date, which was wonderful.
Anne Henry, Medical PA to Miss Jane Olver, Consultant Ophthalmologist, Oculoplastic and Lacrimal Surgeon
After being let down by a medical secretarial agency, in a pretty desperate state I found Cathy via the internet. I am a PhD student and at the time of initial contact, was behind on deadlines. Cathy not only transcribed my interviews to an impeccably high standard, but also turned the work around so quickly, I am just about on track again with deadlines. An excellent service and I wouldn’t hesitate to use her services again and recommend her to colleagues. This was an internet secretarial service at its best.       
Trudy Faulkner, Cardiff University             
I have worked with Cathy and know she adapts well to all the departments she has worked in and has proved to be extremely competent at what she does. She carries out her duties in a professional, cooperative and supportive way in which sometimes have been very difficult circumstances. She is an asset both to the departments and the hospital as a whole.
Theresa Bedwell, Gastroenterology Specialist Nurse
During her time here Cathy worked in various departments. She has proved she is a highly efficient and extremely organised medical secretary and has fitted in well with everyone in all departments. She has built up a reputation throughout the hospital of being extremely competent, cooperative and helpful in as many ways as possible. She is highly regarded by all and I have no hesitation in recommending her.
Ruth Weber, Service Manager, Outpatients and Chronic Diseases
Cathy has worked in many specialties and has a vast knowledge of medical terminology, medicines and medical procedures. She has been a valuable asset and works calmly, quickly and accurately. She is in demand wherever she goes and it totally dependable. She gets on well with all her colleagues and above all she is a pleasure to work with.
Elaine Smith, Lead Secretary, Emergency Care Group
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